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quoteThank you so much for everything! I have had to bring her in two times and both times have been awesome. Everything about the hospital puts me at ease, even though I’m worried about my pet. Thank you again!

— Erin Thompson and Reggie

Committed to Quality After-Hours Emergency Pet Care

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In 1975, 41 local veterinarians founded Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic to provide quality after-hours emergency care for their patients. Our pet emergency clinics offer a vital service for veterinarians and pet owners in Fullerton, Garden Grove, and surrounding communities. Our emergency clinics are the go-to place for after-hours pet emergencies, including car accidents, trauma, fractures, poisonings, and other emergencies.

Today, 63 veterinarian shareholders own Orange County Emergency Pet Clinics. More than 300 area veterinarians refer their pet patients to us for the highest quality after-hours emergency care when family veterinary offices are closed. We also offer overnight monitoring and treatment for pets requiring continuing care.

Highly skilled veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians, and veterinary assistants staff our pet emergency clinics. The members of our team make the career choice to specialize in pet emergencies and critical care. Our veterinarians and staff commit 100% to ensuring your pet receives quality care. We take pride in the excellent medical and surgical care we provide.

Orange County Emergency Pet Clinics: Our Mission

Orange County Emergency Pet Clinic (OCEPC) makes it our mission to provide state-of-the-art emergency and critical care services for pets. We provide services to include the client, referring veterinarian, and the OCEPC staff in a team decision-making process, stressing open communication, mutual respect, compassion, and, above all, the well-being of the patient.