Our Doctors
quoteMy dog was cared for with everything that could be done. Dr. Beshai was very caring and professional.

— Bette Persing and Chloe

Meet Our Veterinarians

Dr. Alonso Bayon

Dr. Alonso Bayon

I am a 1997 graduate from the University of Baja California Institute of Veterinary Science, I always had a strong interest in exotic animal medicine, so during my years in academia I did various rotations in different zoological parks including the world famous San Diego Zoo, where I also had the opportunity to complete a research project with their Galapagos tortoises.

Another very fun and intense preceptorship was with Dr Douglas Mader (world renown expert in exotic animal medicine and surgery and author of 1st and 2nd edition of "Reptile Medicine and Surgery") at Long Beach Animal Hospital, where the case load included a wide variety of internal medicine and emergency cases along with a variety of different exotic animal species.

After completing my clinical rotation in the VMTH small animal emergency medicine and critical care, I knew that my professional career was going to revolve around treating exotic pets and emergency medicine.

My strongest interest in emergency medicine are managing shock, major traumatic soft tissue surgeries, intravascular hemolytic disorders and any other types of intra-abdominal emergency surgeries (exploratory laparatomies, C sections, splenectomies) as well as their post surgical critical management.

Another highly important aspect of emergency medicine that I absolutely feel grateful for, is being able to help families in times of need, always showing deep compassion and respect when it comes to making extremely tough decisions in regards to the health of the critical ill pet.

As far as emergencies with exotics, pretty much anything that has to do with a critical reptile, avian and small mammal. From stabilizing a fractured limb on a cockatiel, to managing a case of endotoxemia on a rabbit or guinea pig, to an emergency endoscopic procedure on a python.

So for the last ten years I have been involved in small and exotic animal practice, and for the last eight months, its been exclusively emergency medicine and critical care on both small animal and exotic pets at the Orange County Emergency Pet Clinics.

Outside of my profession, my favorite past times are spending time with my family, we have four kids, ranging in ages from 2 to 7, we also own five tortoises, two cats and a dog. I also enjoy mountain biking and one of my favorite hobbies is carpentry.


Dr. Jack Beshai

Dr. Jack Beshai

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, on July 26, 1980, and lived there with my family for 25 years. While there, I earned my BVSc from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University, in 2004.

I moved to California in 2006 and made my home in La Habra, where I started to focus on becoming a licensed veterinarian in this state. I began working for OCEPC in 2007 as a veterinary assistant. In this role, I gained a great deal of experience as well as valuable knowledge in veterinary emergency medicine.

Over the past few years, I have spent most of my time studying for my veterinary board exams. I passed my North American Veterinary licensing exam in 2008 and completed the requirements of the ECFVG certificate in 2009.

I have had the great opportunity of working with the doctors at OCEPC, who are all wonderful mentors. I have also learned a lot from my uncle who is a veterinarian and has his own practice in LA County. I have always had an interest in emergency medicine and critical care.

When not working, I spend time with my wife, Silvia, and our daughter, Chloe. We enjoy the outdoors, riding bikes along the coast, and traveling together.


Dr. Lily Encisoi

Dr. Lily Enciso

I was born here in Southern California and grew up in a small city named Paramount. Despite growing up in an urban city, my home was always full of pets. My childhood pets included pigeons, cats, parakeets, dogs, bunnies, hamsters, and fish. It was this early human-animal bond that ignited my interest in animal medicine.

During my senior year in college, I started working as a veterinary assistant at a well known and respected veterinary specialty practice in West L.A. I started learning basic skills and then quickly progressed to working with the endoscopy department and finally ending up working during the emergency shift. It was there that I felt right at home and it was there that I realized that I wanted to advance in my veterinary career.

After 4 years of undergraduate studies I received a degree in Biology from UCLA in 2005. I continued to work as a veterinary assistant for a couple of years then I was accepted into Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. During veterinary school I nurtured my passion for emergency medicine by joining the Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society. In 2008, I was elected president of this society. Upon graduation in 2011, I received my DVM and was awarded the Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society Scholarship for Proficiency in Emergency and Critical Care.

I began working as a general practitioner in the High Desert community shortly after graduation. There, I was immersed in all fields of veterinary medicine and was able to progress my skills in emergency medicine. Now, as a member of OCEPC, I am thrilled to serve the Orange County community and to work hand-in-hand with fellow veterinarians for the benefit of our patients.

When I am not practicing veterinary medicine I love spending time with my family (especially my two nieces Melanie and Leslie), my two cats (Jane and Shasta), and my four dogs (Teddy, Ginger, Dalila, and Darla). I also enjoy gardening, reading, hiking, and I have recently taken up photography.


Dr. Deirdre Murdy

Dr. Deirdre Murdy

I was born in Dublin, Ireland. My family moved to the west coast of Ireland when I was still a child. Growing up on the west coast of Ireland, I had the opportunity to spend a great deal of time on my grandparent's farms, helping care for and tend a variety of animals. It was this experience that first piqued my interest in veterinary medicine.

In 2004, I graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a degree in Natural Science. During my time at Trinity, I had the opportunity to spend a summer working in Southern California. It was during this time that I met my now husband John. After 3 years of long distance, we were married in Ireland in the summer of 2004. Since my husband is a Southern California native, we decided to make our new home together in Whittier.

Soon after moving to California, I started working at a great local animal hospital as a veterinary assistant. It was during this time that my interest narrowed to small animals. My professional life dream became a reality when I was accepted to Western University of Health Sciences College of Veterinary Medicine. I spent four great years in veterinary school where I developed a real passion for Emergency Medicine. Just prior to graduating in May 2011, I received the Lifelong Learning Award from the California Veterinary Medical Association for promoting continuing education while in veterinary school.

During my time in veterinary school, I was very involved in professional veterinary associations. I served on the executive board of the Student American Veterinary Association and represented the USA at the International Veterinary Student Association meetings. I am now a member of the American Veterinary Medical Association, California Veterinary Medical Association and Southern California Veterinary Medical Association.

When not working, my husband and I enjoy doing things locally in Whittier, riding the greenway trail, going to the local farmer's market and exploring the great local eateries. We are both involved in the Whittier Conservancy, preserving historic and natural resources in our community, including restoring our historic home. Travel is another passion of ours, both in the United States and abroad. The only drawback is that we have to leave our four legged kids at home. We have a house full of rescued animals including five cats (Maggie, Pickles, Gracie, Tiger Lily, and Heidi) and two dogs (Sara and Guinness).


Dr. Marina Yamate

Dr. Marina Yamate

I've spent my whole life in So Cal and from a young age understood that healing an animal a person loves means healing the person too. By becoming a veterinarian, I knew that I would have the best of both worlds; working with the animals and being able to bring peace and happiness to the people around me by helping their loved ones in need.

I began volunteering in a local animal hospital at age 15. As a basic companion animal care taker it helped me to understand what veterinary medicine was all about. Through the years, I learned how to work as a veterinary assistant, veterinary technician and supervising veterinary technician in general small animal hospitals as well as a specialized mobile veterinary ultrasonography service, veterinary surgical practice and corporate ophthalmology practice. During this time, I successfully completed my Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Animal Science-Pre Veterinary Medicine degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona in 2005.

In May 2011, I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Western University of Health Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine. Post graduate work included working in a day practice for a year where I gained experience in general small animal medicine/surgery, shelter medicine and exotic animal medicine/surgery. Emergency veterinary medicine is a gratifying passion of mine. We are able to diagnose and treat very sick, critical patients with the potential of making a significant difference in their recovery.

It is a privilege to be a part of a progressive small animal emergency practice where we are able to learn and work from a team of mentors that have an extraordinary compassion and motivation to help mend animals, practice high quality medicine and support the development of continued professional skills and knowledge. The capability that you are not only able to help an animal in need but the owners as well is something that stimulates my desire to aid in the building of a community through healing animals.

When outside of work, I enjoy spending quality time with my husband, Nacho and our three furry kids Kalani (Bengal cat 6 yrs), Kanoa (Bengal cat 5 yrs) and Khloe (terrier mix 1 yr). Taking every opportunity that I have to be with my friends and family is very important and we will often be outdoors hiking, mountain biking, snowboarding or out on our Sea Doo at the Colorado River.